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Van Conversions in Worcester: Your FAQs Answered!

If you’re new to the world of van conversions, it can feel a little overwhelming. From figuring out the right type of van to get to understanding what can and can’t be done during a conversion, there are plenty of questions. In this quick post, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about van conversions in Worcester to help you get started on the right foot.

Is it legal to convert a van into a campervan?

Absolutely! It’s perfectly legal to convert a van into a campervan – as long as you don’t do any major structural work to the chassis, engine, or cab.

Once you’ve converted a van, you can re-register it as a motor caravan with the DVLA, but it’s not a legal requirement to do so. Even if you keep your new van registered as a van, you can still use it as a campervan – just make sure you have adequate insurance.

Should I buy a van that’s already been converted?

There are two main options when it comes to van conversions: buy an already-converted van or buy a standard transit van and get it converted.

It’s much quicker to buy one already converted, but you’ll spend a fortune, and you won’t be able to customise it to your liking.

By investing in a standard van and then getting it customised, you can choose everything from the layout and features to the colours and fittings.

It’s still an investment to convert your own van, but you’ll have something you truly love and that you’ll take on adventures for a lifetime.

Do I need a special license to drive a campervan?

This depends on the weight of your campervan and your age. If you passed your normal driving test before January 1st 1997, you can drive any C1 classification vehicle, which can weigh up to 7,500kg.

If you passed your test after January 1st 1997, you can only drive B and B1 classification vehicles, which only weigh up to 3,500kg.

The average campervan weighs about 4,500kg, so you might have to pass an additional driving test to drive your new van legally. But it really does depend on the weight of the van and your age.

How customisable are van conversions?

The sky is the limit when it comes to van conversions. I work with my clients to design totally bespoke vans that suit their lifestyles and budgets.

From the layout, bed, seating, kitchen, and storage to the colours, style, and finishes, I can customise everything to give you a van that’s unique to you.

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